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Coffin Box Service
in Kolkata

Door Step Coffin Box Supplier in Kolkata


When tragedy strikes, Swarga Rath Kolkata is a ray of hope, providing the grieving families of Kolkata with a trustworthy and caring service. We are aware of the psychological difficulties that come with losing a loved one, and it is our goal to support and soothe you through these trying times. Swarga Rath Kolkata, a top supplier of coffin box services, takes pride in its dedication to quality and offers superior quality coffin boxes delivered straight to your door, every day of the year.


Our Services

- Convenient Doorstep Service: At Swarga Rath Kolkata, we understand how important convenience is when dealing with such difficult emotional situations. Our door-to-door service guarantees that you have access to our high-quality coffin boxes at all times, giving bereaved families a smooth and stress-free experience.

- Premium Quality Coffin Boxes: We source and create superior grade coffin boxes with the utmost care. Because of our dedication to quality, every box is painstakingly created to give your loved one a respectable place to rest. We take great care in choosing our materials to guarantee their longevity and visual attractiveness.

- Variety of Options: We recognize that every person is different and that their tastes could change. For this reason, Swarga Rath Kolkata provides a wide selection of coffin boxes to accommodate various preferences and cultural standards. We offer solutions to meet every demand, whether you're searching for more modern or conventional wooden coffin designs.


Swarga Rath Kolkata is a caring companion on the path of bereavement, not just a coffin box service. You can locate the ideal resting spot for your loved one thanks to our dedication to providing the highest quality coffin boxes, convenience, and diversity. You may rely on Swarga Rath Kolkata to give a service that is as distinguished and special as the life being commemorated when you're in need.

wooden polish coffin box just got ready with golden color handle

Types of Coffin Boxes

1. Wooden Coffin Boxes: Our traditional wooden coffin boxes are timeless and elegant. These elegantly crafted wooden coffins offer a comfortable and respectable place of death.

2. Eco-Friendly Coffin Boxes: We provide environmentally friendly choices for people who are committed to environmental concern. Because they are constructed of environmentally friendly materials, these coffins guarantee a dignified funeral without endangering the health of the earth.

3. Customized Coffin Boxes: Swarga Rath Kolkata is aware of the value of customization. With our personalized coffin boxes, you may include special details to make sure your loved one's farewell captures their essence.

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