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A portable mortuary freezer box kept on floor, waiting to install for preservation deceased body.

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Welcome to Swarga Rath Kolkata, your trusted partner for Mortuary Freezer Box Rental in Kolkata. We understand the importance of preserving the dignity of your loved ones, and our range of services is designed to provide you with the utmost care and respect during challenging times

Features of Mobile Mortuary Freezer Box Rental in Kolkata

1. Temperature Control Technology:

Our dead body freezer boxes are outfitted with cutting-edge temperature management technology to ensure a stable and ideal temperature for the preservation of the deceased. This guarantees that the body stays in a peaceful state, providing consolation to bereaved families.

2. Various Sizes Available:

Swarga Rath Kolkata is aware of the variety of requirements that arise during these difficult times. Because different needs require different sizes, our Mortuary Freezer Box service offers a wide range of sizes so that families can select the best solution according on their personal preferences and available space.

3. 24/7 Accessibility:

Both grief and we have no set schedule. Our Mortuary Services are accessible 24/7 in Swarga Rath Kolkata. This guarantees that families can use the service anytime they need it, giving them peace of mind through difficult times.

4. Hygienic and Sanitary Conditions:

At Swarga Rath Kolkata, upholding the highest standards of hygiene is our first concern. Our portable mortuary freezer boxes undergo routine cleaning and sanitization to maintain a spotless atmosphere, enabling families to pay tribute to their departed loved ones without worrying about the preservation circumstances.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

Recognizing that families can be going through difficult times emotionally, Swarga Rath Kolkata makes sure that hiring a Mortuary Freezer Box is a simple and easy process. Our kind staff is always available to help you along the route and offer support and assistance as needed.

Easy uses of swarga rath kolkata's Mortuary Freezer Box (Portable) 

dead body freezer box installation service
- Immediate Preservation:

Families can easily obtain a Mortuary Freezer Box for prompt preservation by getting in touch with Swarga Rath Kolkata. This preserves the deceased person's dignity while giving time for any necessary preparations.

- Flexible Rental Periods:

Swarga Rath Kolkata's mortuary freezer box service recognizes the unique circumstances of every family and offers customizable rental durations. It allows for a range of requirements and grief schedules.

- Transportation Assistance:

Swarga Rath Kolkata's mortuary freezer box service recognizes the unique circumstances of every family and offers customizable rental durations. It allows for a range of requirements and grief schedules.

Our Services

1. Mortuary Freezer Box Rental:

Swarga Rath Kolkata offers reliable and hygienic mortuary freezer boxes to ensure the preservation of deceased bodies. Our boxes are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling technology, ensuring the body remains preserved during the period leading up to the final rites. Whether you are looking for a freezer box near you or a mobile mortuary near you, we have the solution to meet your needs.

2. Ambulance Freezer Box:

In times of emergency, our ambulance freezer box service provides prompt and efficient transportation, ensuring the deceased is handled with care and respect.

3. Body Preservation After Death:

Our body preservation services ensure that the deceased remains in optimal condition, maintaining the dignity of your loved one. We offer solutions such as date body freezer, body refrigerator, and body fridge freezer.

4. Morgue Freezer and Mortuary Storage:

Our morgue freezer and mortuary storage facilities provide a safe and secure environment for the deceased. With options like body freezer morgue and body fridge, we ensure the utmost care and respect.

Specialized Services

Blue Star Mortuary:

Our Blue Star mortuary services provide high-quality preservation and storage solutions.

Ice Coffin Box and AC Coffin:

We offer ice coffin boxes and AC coffins, ensuring optimal preservation conditions.

Freezer Box Services:

Our comprehensive freezer box services include rental and maintenance, providing you with peace of mind.


At Swarga Rath Kolkata, we are dedicated to offering compassionate and professional mortuary services to the residents of Kolkata. Our mortuary freezer box rentals and additional services ensure that your loved ones are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Whether you need a mortuary freezer box, ambulance freezer box, or any other related service, we are here to support you 24/7.

Trust Swarga Rath Kolkata for reliable, high-quality service during your time of need. For more information or to arrange our services, contact our helpline number. Let us help you navigate this difficult journey with care and professionalism.

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